How to Grow and Develop Self-Creativity – Creativity is a person’s ability to create something new. Creativity means making a new innovation. A creativity can be developed and improved according to the abilities we have. Here’s how to cultivate creativity.


1. Know What Excites You

You can achieve this by creating a mission, guide, or keynote. By discovering what truly inspires you, you focus on your talent and creativity. This process is important for creative people, especially those who are overflowing with ideas.

2. Find Ideas

How many times have great ideas stalled until you finally forgot them? Creating a system for capturing these ideas can help you realize that you have a lot of amazing creative minds. You can write it down in a book, PDA, tape recorder, or cellphone, which is important in a place you usually use and is comfortable. The key is to be consistent and there is variety.

3. Neat Thoughts

Instead, start recording daily activities to save your wandering thoughts. Write down whatever is on your mind. Make lists of conversations, develop new ideas, and document dreams. This method is very good to do in the morning when you wake up, and at night when going to bed.

4. Enjoy Creative Rituals

Participate in fun and entertaining activities. Enjoying this creative spirit can keep you fresh and innovate. The ritual can be simple, just two minutes of intense laughter. The goal is to inspire you to do new and different things, which can recharge your creativity and stimulate your imagination.

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5. Set aside time for reflection & introspection.

Set aside time for reflection. What behaviors or thoughts prevent creativity from developing? What life situations can deplete your energy and reduce your creative production? Healing yourself from these obstacles is the right step.

6. Gratitude

Gratitude is the “biggest” part of creativity. If you express gratitude and thanks for simple things, you will be blessed with new ideas. Use a diary to make a list of all the things you are grateful for. If you’re suffering from blocked ideas, sit down and write down 10 things to be grateful for. If you experience good things, write your thanks.

7. Appreciate

Find things to be appreciated for whatever you see and experience, for example, respecting personal, beauty, other people’s efforts, or crafts. Pay attention to and appreciate the work that is around you.

8. Create a Community

Create a community so you can share the same interests. Share your feelings, either exhilarating or otherwise, such as success, frustration, or something that drives you crazy. Communities can be found on the internet, on the telephone, individually or in other ways.