Easy Ways to Increase Focus on the Brain – Everything we face requires concentration. Without concentration, the activities carried out will be more difficult and will not be completed quickly and precisely. But you don’t need to worry, there are some easy ways that can improve your brain’s focus. Here’s the review


1. Don’t Miss Breakfast
Studies show that breakfast can optimize short-term memory. In addition, eating in the morning can also increase your attention and focus.

In order to achieve the optimal benefits of breakfast on concentration, avoid eating foods that are high in calories. This type of food can even interfere with concentration, you know!

Therefore, it would be better if your breakfast menu consists of fibrous foods, such as whole grains, dairy products, and vegetables or fruits.

2. Diligently Eat Fish
Fish is a type of protein food that is proven to increase concentration. This type of dish is also high in omega-3 fatty acids which can nourish your brain.

Consumption of fish regularly and regularly can also reduce the risk of dementia and stroke in later life.

You are advised to eat fish at least 2 times a week. Vary different types of fish alternately to get the nutrients and benefits.

3. Eat Nuts and Chocolate
Nuts are high in antioxidants and vitamin E. The combination of these compounds has been linked to better cognitive function, making it easier for you to maintain concentration.

In addition to nuts, antioxidants can also be found in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate types even contain natural caffeine that can help improve concentration.

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4. Consumption of Foods Containing Sugar
Glucose is one of the compounds that the brain needs in the right amount to keep it functioning optimally. You can get these compounds from carbohydrates and sugar.

However, you are not allowed to consume too much sugar. Besides being able to increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, excessive sugar consumption or sweet intake can also reduce memory function in the brain.

5. Drink Water
Sufficient fluid needs every day is the initial capital to prevent dehydration alias lack of body fluids.

In fact, dehydration doesn’t just cause a decrease in urine production and frequency of urination. These conditions can also interfere with your concentration, you know!

6. Regular Exercise
Someone who regularly exercise is proven to perform tasks that require cognitive abilities better.

Another fact found, research subjects who exercised for 75 to 225 minutes each week experienced an increase in concentration ability and attention span.