Marcel Chandrawinata is Blessed With a Baby Boy

Marcel Chandrawinata is Blessed With a Baby Boy – Every couple certainly wants to quickly think of a child who becomes their baby while running a household relationship. Marcel Chandrawinata is feeling happiness. His wife, Pricilla Deasy Tirtadjaya has given birth to a baby.

This is the first child for Nadine Chandrawinata’s sister after waiting for a long time. And the baby Deasy gave birth to was a boy.

This was announced by Mischa Chandrawinata’s twin, on her personal Instagram account, Thursday (2/6/2022). He also shows moments with the baby.

“GOD is GOOD!! Welcome to this world !! Our first son has been born, our hero, our Baby Boy,” wrote the film star The Wedding & Bebek Betutu.

Apparently, Marcel Chandrawinata’s wife gave birth at Bunda Hospital Jakarta on Wednesday (1/6/2022) yesterday. He also announced the name of the son.

“Wednesday, June 1, 2022

“Archibald Noah Chandrawinata,” he added.

Marcel Chandrawinata also announced the meaning of the name for his baby boy who was called Archie.

“Which means the brave with a firm stand and always love peace.

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Comes in the middle of both of our lives and will always be a light in our lives,” he continued.

The man who was born in Hannover, West Germany, March 29, 1987 is happy to have a baby boy like Archie. He gave a special message to his son even though he was still a baby.

“We are madly in love with you Archie

PS: thank you for choosing papa mama to be your parents, Archie

PR: learn German, Archie, so I can chat with your other cousins ​​,” he ended.“We are madly in love with you Archie. Thank you for choosing papa mama to be your parents, yes, Archie,” wrote Marcel.
Marcel will also teach his son to speak German. So, his baby will be able to communicate with his cousins.
Marcel Chandrawinata and Deasy Priscilla have been building Biduk Rumah since November 24, 2017. A number of their colleagues congratulated them upon learning that Marcel and Deasy were blessed with their first child.
One of his fellow celebrities who congratulated him was the artist Sinyorita Esperanza. “Welcome to the world baby archie. congrats @marcelchandra,” he wrote.