The Importance of Corporate Values ​​for Managing HR

The Importance of Corporate Values ​​for Managing HR – The values ​​in human resources in the sustainability of a company are of the utmost importance. The following is the importance of company values ​​for managing human resources. The cultural values ​​that exist in the company are an indicator of whether the company is in a healthy state or not. For a company, the existence of values ​​in the company is very important. However, in the process of carrying out and instilling the company’s values ​​to all employees in the company is not easy. A value must become a habit, behavior, and even a company culture in achieving company goals. Company values ​​are a collection of values ​​that form the basis and foundation of the company in shaping systems, processes, policies, and strategies in running the company. In addition, company value can be a stepping stone in achieving short, medium and long term goals. In addition, company value is used as a tool or goal for employees or a common goal, and is a belief instilled in a company structure that can penetrate the boundaries of objects, people and situations.

But in reality, well-defined cultural values ​​within the company will only become a wall decoration such as the company’s vision and mission. Therefore, so that every employee or part of the company can carry out their respective functions effectively and efficiently, they must know how to do their job duties properly and correctly. Including how to behave in the company as a member, especially in the corporate environment. What is the role and importance of company values ​​in managing HR? In the following we have summarized the review.

Creating Culture Within the Company

Creating a good and quality corporate culture requires a strong foundation in the company in implementing values, vision and mission, organizational systems and work behavior, as well as an effective leadership style. However, there are still many companies that are just starting to formulate company values ​​and find it difficult to socialize them to all employees. There are also companies whose employees know the values ​​and behaviors expected by the company, but there is no motivation from the employees to carry them out. Whereas a strong corporate culture will allow company values ​​to live and dominate the individual values ​​of each employee.

The stronger the company’s values ​​in influencing employees, the stronger the corporate culture will be in building a stronger cultural foundation. That way, will create strong morale, ethics and integrity towards the company. Considering the importance of company values, a corporate culture internalization program is needed as a means for employees to be able to buy in to company values. Not only cognitive (knowledge), but also affective (emotionally), so that all employees can show their behavior.

Values ​​for Managing HR in the Company

To simplify the management of HR within the company, the important thing that needs to be done is to internalize the values ​​of the corporate culture. So that it will have a positive impact on the company. One example is Pizza Hut. The service standardization at Pizza Hut is carried out by the waiters very uniformly and this is a culture in each of its outlets. Previously, of course, the waiters were given training and formed in such a way so that they could have uniform behavior in providing services. This is a form of cultural values ​​in the company. The importance of internalized values ​​within the company to all employees will have a positive impact both on employees and for the company. The values ​​of the corporate culture are the identity of the company and are the personality of the company that must be applied by all employees. The importance of company values ​​for managing HR can be done in the following ways:

1. Describe the values ​​in the company

The company must first define the cultural values ​​that can provide the power of life for the company consistently and can be carried out by all employees. For example, before developing employee leadership, make sure that the employee understands the corporate cultural values ​​well. With a clear corporate culture, one can understand the rules of the game that must be followed. Both the rules in doing their job duties, and in interacting with fellow members in the company.

2. Cultural internalization of company values

In order for the values ​​within the company to be applied effectively, it is necessary to have cultural internalization for all employees. Cultural internalization is a process to instill and develop a value or culture to become a part of the person concerned, in this case the employee. The cultivation and growth of this value can be done in various ways. For example, through education and teaching methods, briefings, indoctrination, brain-washing, and many more.